5 GitHub Projects to make you a better DevOps Engineer ⚡

DevOps is one of the most challenging fields to be in, and to stay relevant you need to learn constantly.

So today, I want to share 5 amazing GitHub projects which will help you become a better DevOps engineer. These 5 Github projects can come in handy for anyone looking to learn and want good resources to dive in. 🏊‍♀️

So let’s get started👊

1. How they SRE

⭐ Github stars: 4.8k

This repo is a curated collection of publicly available resources on how technology and tech-savvy organizations around the world practice Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

2. Awesome Scalability

⭐ Github stars: 32.5k

This repo has an organized reading list for illustrating the patterns of scalable, reliable, and performant large-scale systems. This is one of the best resources on scalability with real examples from large organizations.

3. DevOps Exercises

⭐ Github stars: 8.6k

This repo contains questions and exercises on technical topics related to DevOps and SRE.

4. Test your sysadmin skills

⭐ Github stars: 7.2k

This project contains test questions and answers that can be asked during an interview/exam for positions such as Linux System Administrator.

5. Awesome Site Reliability Engineering

⭐ Github stars: 6.5k

This repo has a curated list of awesome Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources.

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